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IBM Systems Director (ISD) – Storage Control – Win64

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So a couple of weeks in to building the new IBM Systems Director demonstration environment at our office, it’s fair to say it’s not plain sailing to break away from the basics and go ‘custom’ !  Therefore my first post will be some links, pointers and may be even cries for help as I have head out to make use of one of these new plugins available for ISD 6.2. Hopefully, this may just help you in some way if you have found it.

Let’s start with what could be a sore point for some customers and get this out the way. The Storage Control plugin, must run on ISD 6.2.1 and that must be using DB2 9.7 as the database. I have not yet seen a method to transfer data from one DB (e.g. Apache Derby) to a new one so at this point, we all start from the same point, the beginning! (I was hoping to research this part more but a lot more time has been spent building my new environment so far)

Good news is that if you have browsed over to the plugin download page, you will note that IBM do supply the correct DB2 code and a restricted use license so it’s easy enough to get all the right components and start the install.

My environment is an IBM x3755 4core 3.0GHz (dualxdual) with 8GB running Win2008R2 so 64bit. I’m looking to manage a couple of BladeCenters, several ESX rack and blade hosts and we have DS3000 and the new Storwize V7000 storage units that are compatible with this new Storage Control plugin.

I’ll say at this point, I had a fair amount of issue installing ISD and SC, most of which was linked to User Account settings as you’ll need a new Admin account to be set up on the ISD server for all of the installs so do this first. I was following the infocenter pages initially but recently found a gem of a document with a real hand holding approach that I like!

Start Here !! ::

That is going to either get you all the way to the goal of ISD 6.2.1 running with SC 4.2.1, or most of the way but still some blocks along the path. For example:

Bleeding edge may need a tweak:
Ideally, do not use the Update Manager yet to prepare ISD 6.2 up to the latest as although SC 4.2.1 has been developed for  ISD 6.2.1 ‘or later’, the ‘or later’ part is not functioning right now with the install. If you are installing new, use the available 6.2.1 DVD image from the Downloads page or if you are already at then you can and will need to manipulate the SC install checks or download the SC 4.2.1-a code if available.

Go easy with your passwords:
On one of my many ‘start again’ runs I hit an error message at the end of the ISD install process and although the installer will suggest that once the message is acknowledged all is actually ok with ISD, well it won’t be so here you’ll need to start again and remove, re-install. This is caused with ‘special’ characters in a password for that user account. Mine was one of these ‘!”.  So best bet, use a straightforward password for the new account you need to create for ISD, varied case and numerals are ok, then you can strengthen this should you need post install. IBM article on this.

Memory issues:
Strange one that I found happen several times on clean installs, when you go to run the SC install file, despite in my case having 8GB memory installed and maybe 4 or a bit more in use by the OS and basic services, the SC installer script will report back straight away that there was a failure and make sure 768MB of memory is free. A reboot was the only route I found around this one.

SC install starts then fails:
If your SC installation has started and then failed, you must clean up the directories left behind. The above guide does describe one that needs to be deleted, but I also ran into an issue and found that both of these must be cleaned away.

Delete these folders if the SC instal fails:

  • C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Universal\IBM-TPC
  • C:\Program Files\IBM\TPC

At the point when you finally see this (maybe a lot quicker than me as I think I just made a meal of it):

The completed response from the install.bat file

You can stop and restart the Director Service via the services tool, 60 days evaluation should be there to use in the main Systems Director > Storage Section.

And at this point, I’m not a fan when posts are too long so I’ll pick up in a separate post, usage of SC 4.2.1 as soon as can be done….